Recent Testimonials


Thank you for keeping me informed of my order status.

The wrist bands were received yesterday and we are very pleased with them

Thank you very much for your kind assistance throughout the process.

Kind regards

Christine Asquith

Dinghy specific equipment retailers



Just wanted to say a big thank you – bar towels and beer mats have arrived today so we are all ready for the Rugby tomorrow. 

Really pleased with the quality as well.

Kind regards

Kim Brandham

Leading outdoor events company



Wow! They've just arrived and they are fabulous - thank you

Hazel Crawford

Leading UK NHS Trust



Thanks – all arrived safe and sound!

Thanks again for your help!

Phoebe Azami

Leading global financial brokerage company



Yes, we have received the order and everything was 100 percent.

I'll be sure to reference your site when we are looking for promotional material down the line

Many thanks

Fergal Quinn

Premier nightclub, Ireland